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Order Natural Stone Urns

These natural stone pet urns are drilled in the bottom of the stone to hold cremation ashes up to approximately a 50 lb. pet.  Each urn comes with a personalized engraved plaque (3.5" x 5") inset naturally into the stone.  Most of our "Granite Boulder Urns" are $245 plus shipping if needed .  Our new "Sparkle Rock Urns" cost a bit more and are priced as marked plus shipping if needed.  They are located below the "Granite Boulder Marker" Inventory.

Notes on stone description: 
-All measurements are from longest point at width, height and depth.  
-Plaques in photos are just an example and you may choose from any of our plaque colors. 
-Most of the stones have a few different colors in them, they may be speckled or striped with other colors or have different markings in them, The "tone" would be the   dominating color in the stone.
-Each stone is natural  granite and will be unique in color and shape.  They may have chips, character markings and other  inperfections.  
-The weight of the stones will vary depending on type of stone, size, etc.  Special consideration should be taken when ordering larger sizes and may need to be moved with assistance of a dolly or other person. 
-Bottoms of stones are natural and not necessarily flat-the way they sit can be adjusted in the garden with dirt, mulch, etc.

Scroll down to view the urns currently available: 


Granite Boulder Urns - $245 

#5066 Urn

Urn #5066
10"W,  7"H,  14"D
Wt. 61 lbs.

#5067 Urn

Urn #5067
8"W,  8"H,  12"D
Wt. 43 lbs.

#5061 Urn

Urn #5061
13"W,  5"H,  11"D
Wt. 53 lbs.

#5107 Urn

Urn #5107
 Lt. Gray/Brown
11"W,  11"H,  7"D
Wt. 65 lbs.

#5063 Urn

Urn #5063
Light Gray and Tan Speckled 
11"W,  8"H,  10"D
Wt. 60 lbs.

#5064 Urn

Urn #5064
Grayish Brown
11"W,  7"H,  11"D
Wt. 66 lbs.


 Sparkle Rock Urns - Priced as Marked
(None available at this time)

These rocks are from a one of a kind quarry deep in the Canadian wilderness.  The overall colors can be black, gray, pink, red, greens, and multi-color.  The sparkle comes from the mica which is mixed in the stone.  In direct sunlight they will sparkle like no other stone we have seen.  They can even have a magical look to them in the  right nighttime light!  Under the photo of each stone is a brief description noting the overall color. 


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