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Order Urns & Markers Online

Ordering online is easy!  Just follow these steps:
1. Review the links describing Plaque Color and Script Designs and Plaque Art Available.
2. Determine what special message you would like to have engraved on the plaque.  Click here for ideas of what other people have done.
3. Start by choosing the catagories below for the type of Precious Pet Memorial you would like to order- Urns or Markers.  Urns hold the cremation ashes and cost range from $245 to $325 plus shipping if needed.  Markers do not hold ashes.  The cost for Markers ranges from $140 to $200 plus shipping if needed.
4. Read the descriptions of each stone (height, width, depth, weight, color) within your catagory and choose the one that you would like to order.
5. Click the "order" link below the photo.
6. Proceed to fill out form including your contact information, stone item #, plaque color, script design, your personal message for plaque and any plaque art additions you would like.  If you need additional instructions that do not fit on the order form, please send a seperate e-mail to
7.  Once we receive your order, we will e-mail you back to confirm your order with  the shipping cost along with a plaque proof for you to approve.  Shipping is by ground UPS.  Expect to pay at least $35 and this could be significantly more depending on size and destination address.  We do not ship internationally.
8. Once your order details are confirmed and plaque is approved, we will e-mail you an invoice that includes cost of memorial plus shipping.  You may then use credit or bank cards to pay online
9. Orders usually take about a week to process depending on how quickly the plaque is approved.

Proceed to our online store for Urns and Markers:

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