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Natural Stone Urns

About the Urns

Urns are drilled in the bottom to hold cremation ashes.  The ashes are kept in a plastic bag, placed inside the urn, and sealed with a water-tight cap.

Urns are drilled anywhere from 4 to 6 inches deep, approximately 50 cubic inches and will hold ashes for pets weighing up to an average of 50lbs.  Some pets may actually weigh more but have less ashes-it all depends on the health of the pet when they pass, bone density, and cremation process.

If your pet was larger than 50 lbs when passing or has more ashes than average, then the urns may be used as "sharing urns"-not meant to hold all the ashes but some of the ashes may be spread, shared, or used in another type of urn. 

Each stone urn includes a  3 1/2" X 5" customized plaque which is set into the stone  Urns are priced at $245 plus shipping if needed.


Drilled for your pets ashes.
Searled with water-tight cap.

Bottoms of Stones

The bottoms of the memorial markers and urns are natural and not necessarily flat.  The way they sit in the garden can be adusted using mulch, dirt, or other material in your garden.


Stone Colors, Size and Weight

Most of the stones have a few different colors in them such as brown, gray, pink or red.  They may be speckled or striped with other colors or have different markings in them such as copper spots or lichen.  Under the photo of each stone is a brief description noting the overall color.  Because each memorial stone is natural granite, each will be unique in  color and form and may have chips, character markings and other imperfections.  0

Each of the stones will vary in height, width or depth.  The weight will also vary from 25 lbs and up.  Even smaller stones can be quite heavy depending on the type of stone.


Brown Speckled
Multi/Speckled Tones
Pink and Gray Speckled

Nancy Hanson,Natural Landscapem Minnesota Owner, with Daisy

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Daisy as a Puppy