Precious Pet Memorials

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Client Plaque Examples

Here are some of the plaques that we have done for our clients.  Note:  Black w/ white plaques or Sandstone w/ brown plaque material has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Plaques/KatieJoPlaque.jpg Plaques/DSC03308.JPG Plaques/DSC03305.JPG Plaques/Sage.jpg
Plaques/Plaque1.jpg Plaques/Maxwell.jpg Plaques/Louie.jpg Plaques/ChubChub.jpg
Plaques/Abby.jpg Plaques/CIMG2164.JPG Plaques/CIMG2163.JPG Plaques/CIMG2122.JPG
Plaques/CIMG1915.JPG Plaques/CIMG1914.JPG Plaques/CIMG1913.JPG Plaques/CIMG1912.JPG
Plaques/CIMG1911.JPG Plaques/P1040709.JPG Plaques/CIMG1896.jpg Plaques/CIMG1833.JPG
Plaques/TabithaHaugen.jpg Plaques/ChloePrettyPrincess.jpg Plaques/Nicki.jpg Plaques/CappyFox4.jpg
Plaques/CIMG1713.jpg Plaques/CIMG1698.JPG Plaques/CleoDefiel.jpg Plaques/CeeCee.jpg
Plaques/CIMG1587.JPG Plaques/CIMG1565.JPG Plaques/CIMG1491.JPG Plaques/x.JPG
Plaques/w.JPG Plaques/v.JPG Plaques/t.JPG Plaques/s.JPG
Plaques/r.JPG Plaques/q.JPG Plaques/p.JPG Plaques/o.JPG
Plaques/n.JPG Plaques/m.JPG Plaques/l.JPG Plaques/k.jpg
Plaques/j.jpg Plaques/g.jpg Plaques/f.jpg Plaques/e.jpg
Plaques/d.jpg Plaques/c.jpg Plaques/a.jpg

Nancy Hanson, Natural Landscape Minnesota Owner, with Daisy

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Daisy as a Puppy